Live Event Captioning


Ensure your next live event is fully accessible by patrons with hearing loss, those for whom English is a second language, and anyone struggling to hear within a noisy environment, with realtime live event captioning provided by Home Team Captions.

Clients Include:

Make your next live event accessible by everyone!

Home Team Captions has provided onsite realtime captioning for theaters and performing arts venues in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and across the country since 2007.

Our realtime captioners are experienced with captioning scripted performances such as plays, concerts and readings, as well as unscripted events like stand-up comedy, lectures, debates and ceremonies.

All Performance Types

For scripted performances, we prepare the script and display text in sync with the performance, switching to realtime when needed. For unscripted performances, we research the performance to prepare our realtime dictionary. For concerts, we script the lyrics from a set list and display them in sync with the performance, switching to realtime when needed.

Display Options

To display captions for all patrons, we recommend open captions where we connect to your onsite monitor or LED board. Generally, a 55-inch flat-screen TV works well as a monitor. We can also stream to a remote platform and patrons can view the captions on smartphones or tablets.

Easy Setup

Our onsite setup is quick and easy. We require minimal space for our laptop, armless chair, and stenograph machine on a tripod. Our equipment doesn’t make any noise, so you don’t have to worry about disruptions or anything distracting from your performance. We may ask for a direct audio feed so our captioner can listen to the performance through headphones. If we are streaming, we also ask that you provide internet access.

Captioning Rates

Home Team Captions makes billing easy. We work with you to develop a billing structure that fits your needs. We bill as either a flat per-event rate or hourly rate to help you budget and plan for your season or specific event.

Important Announcement

In May 2020, ACS began a new journey by becoming an Ai-Media Company, an Australian-based captioning company that services people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing throughout the world.

Home Team Captions will be a brand of Ai-Media.  We are proud to be an Ai-Media Company and looks forward to a long and healthy future.  What this means for you is enhanced service, the strongest and most secure technical environment possible, and new opportunities such as language translation and audio description.  The best part is that the people of PostCAP (Home Team Captions) are not changing.  You still have all the same faces and names plus many more!