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As a working broadcast captioner, you’ve probably felt the frustration of turning down broadcast sports assignments. In order to caption these jobs, a captioner requires specialized training to fully understand the terminology, lingo and rules of the game. This training is key to realtime sports captioning success.

Since 2001, Steve Clark has provided one-on-one training to more than 30 working captioners who are ready to take that next step into the broadcast sports arena. You choose the sports you want to train on—as few or as many as you like—and you set the pace for training. Training times are flexible, so working around your full-time schedule is very easy.

Before training begins, you will receive a comprehensive training manual and DVDs for the sport you are training on. Additionally, through an introductory training session your level of sports knowledge is assessed and time is devoted to an in-depth review of the training manual and to setting your long-term training goals.

Working remotely with GoToMeeting, you will receive individual instruction and instant feedback during each training session.

All you pay is a flat hourly rate. There are no long-distance charges incurred by you, no additional Internet hookup fees, and you receive free training manual updates for the duration of your sports training!

Be sure to read the testimonials below, and then take that next step to advance your career.

Steve's sports training has been an invaluable experience for me. His knowledge of all the sports is vast, and his ability to convey the meaning and usage of the terminology, as well as offer suggestions for briefs, is excellent. His talent for conveying the meaning and usage of the various terms is shown in his "Sports Word of the Week" email that he so graciously shares with folks. He also shares the nuances of sports captioning, including caption placement, speaker identification and the many things that are often not thought of by "newbies." I would highly recommend training with Steve. It is an entertaining and educational experience.
-Tammy M., Florida

I can’t begin to say how much I have gained from my training with Steve Clark. Not only have I gained from his in-depth sports training, but his training has also carried over into my daily captioning, including tips and tricks with my software. I had previously captioned basketball and football, but after beginning Steve’s sports training, I feel even more confident in my skills and abilities in those sports! Shortly after we finished hockey training, I was able to caption my first NHL game, and I recently was part of the team that captioned the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. None of this would have been possible without the exceptional training I have received from Steve. I find Steve Clark’s sports training is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to caption sports!
-Lori B., Canada

Steve has developed a wonderful training program to help captioners truly understand the sport they are captioning. When you understand the sport or event you are captioning, you are not simply encoding and word matching; you become involved in the event you are captioning. Steve's program focuses on understanding the basics of the sport, and then he gradually increases your skill set. I have never felt truly confident with my sports dictionary until I started Steve's program. Steve taught me how to best utilize and organize my dictionaries. In addition to vocabulary and dictionary building, Steve provides expert feedback by watching you write in realtime. It is amazing what you can learn about your writing habits by having another person observe your work. Steve offers feedback in a supportive, comfortable way. I never felt intimidated during the program. I felt challenged and respected. In short, I would recommend Steve's sports captioning training for anyone who is truly serious about improving their skills in sports captioning. If you want to learn from the best, then you've come to the right place. Steve is experienced, knowledgeable, and one of the most respected sports captioners in the country. You will learn at a nonintimidating, comfortable pace from one of the best.
-Alan P., Alabama