Stadium Captioning

Since 2006, Home Team Captions has provided onsite stadium captioning to two teams in the DC area.
Washington DC based Home Team Captions is ready to fulfill all your stadium captioning needs onsite or remotely. Our local team of captioners works closely with captioners around the country to provide the best realtime sports captioning available. Our highly trained professional captioners have spent years honing their sports knowledge and sports captioning skills. We take pride in providing quality captions for you and your fans.

Using state-of-the-art stenographic equipment and software, we work closely with you to meet all of your—and your team's—specific requirements. Our captioner receives a direct audio feed via headset, and displays all PA announcements, officials' calls, and stadium information. Your deaf and hard-of-hearing fans will never again miss out on important safety announcements, or wonder who just scored or what the referee's call was. We hear it, write it, and within seconds our captions appear. Once your fans, hearing and nonhearing, realize the importance and value of real-time captions, they—and you—won't want to be without them again!

Providing equal access to your fans has never been quicker or easier. Contact Home Team Captions now to get started!

What our clients are saying about Home Team Captions:
“Steve Clark is experienced, knowledgeable, and one of the most respected sports captioners in the country.”