Home Team Captions is
a full-service realtime
translation company based
in Washington, DC. 
With local captioners located in DC, Virginia and Maryland, and working closely with captioners around the country, we are the team to turn to for all of your onsite and remote realtime needs. All of our professional realtime providers are nationally certified and come to you with years of realtime experience. 

Onsite and remote stadium captioning, onsite and remote CART (communication access realtime translation) and remote broadcast captioning—all of your realtime needs are one easy step away, at Home Team Captions.

We know the importance of quality training in order to provide quality captioning, and with that in mind we also provide individualized remote broadcast sports captioning training for experienced broadcast captioners.

What our clients are saying about Home Team Captions:
“Home Team Captions is a consistently reliable company that works with only the most professional and skilled realtime providers—I appreciate knowing I can always count on them.”