CART: Communication
Access Realtime Translation

We at Home Team Captions have chosen as our go-to realtime streaming text provider.

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CART is the instantaneous translation of the spoken word into English text, displayed in various formats. English text is produced with less than a two-second delay.  Working onsite, our CART provider sits next to the CART client in a meeting, seminar or training setting and, utilizing the latest realtime technology, combined with a stenograph machine and laptop computer, transcribes all that is heard. The English text is displayed on the computer screen so the client can read along. With the addition of a projector and screen, CART can be read by as few as two attendees or a room filled with hundreds of attendees.

At the conclusion of every CART job, and at no extra cost to you the client, an e-copy of the transcript is provided. Our clients find these transcripts invaluable when creating meeting minutes, keeping an archive of the meeting or training, or for updating members who were unable to attend.
Onsite CART can be provided for meetings, conferences, training sessions, civic events and special events, as well as in the classroom. Remote CART can also be provided in any of these settings as long as an Internet connection is available.

Remote CART
is exactly the same as onsite CART except that the CART provider is in a remote location and listens to an event through the use of a telephone or Voice Over IP (VoIP). By using an Internet streaming text provider, the CART client is able to view live CART on his or her own laptop.
Home Team Captions is registered in the Central Contractor Registry.

What our clients are saying about Home Team Captions:

“The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our agency’s CART consumers has supported my own feelings of great satisfaction in working with Home Team Captions. Knowing I can rely on the expertise and highly skilled reporters Home Team Captions provides goes a long way in making my job that much easier. I can always count on their professionalism and flexibility.”